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Ref | Mahpiyatanhan (Anthro) by Owlivia Ref | Mahpiyatanhan (Anthro) by Owlivia
Name: Maȟpíyataŋhaŋ
Age: Countless
Species: Wakíŋyaŋ (Thunderbird)
Heritage: Lakota
Height: 8’6” / 260cm
Sexuality: Heterosexual

A being born of the first thunderstorm, he’s ageless, wise, and holds power beyond belief; the power of life and death, the ability to call thunder and lightning and rains, able to purge the earths and bring forth new life from them in the blink of an eye. He can bestow curses and gifts, though he has a soft spot for humanity, after falling in love and starting a family with a human woman who nursed him back to health when he fell from the sky. However time has taken its toll on him, and he flies in solitude now, his human wife succumbing to a mortal lifespan and his children forgetting their roots. He’s a wrathful, foul-tempered being, quick to anger if things don’t follow his word; but he can also be equally helpful and protective, it all depends on how he is treated.
Despite his violent tendencies he’s not a fan of war and fighting; he would rather take a peaceful solution but is ready to fight for his people and beliefs if need be. He upholds truth, honesty and respect above all else, and if someone shows to lack these qualities, they will face the wrath of the thunder.

Notable Relationships
He's enemies of a sort with Jay but it isn't particularly personal; Jay's ancestor insulted Maȟpíyataŋhaŋ's father, provoking the Great Thunder Being to curse Jay's family to be Heyoka, and Maȟpíyataŋhaŋ still holds that against them- he doesn't drop grudges easily.

Notes on appearance:
:bulletblack: His primary flights acts similar to fingers but he's not dexterous at all; he tends to still use his beak and feet to manipulate things. There are five of them. In this form he has one stripe on his primaries, tail feathers and crest, compared to two in his thunderbird form.
:bulletblack: The crest down the back of his neck flares when he's angered or annoyed.
:bulletblack: His clothing can be changed but is usually kept minimal, and must be recognisable as Lakota in design.
:bulletblack: He carries a peace pipe, and sometimes a tomahawk, though not much else.
:bulletblack: He acts more bird than human; his actions are usually a weak imitation of humans.

More refs: [link]

Maȟpíyataŋhaŋ belongs to :iconowlivia:

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15jacksons Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
i have a friend and he's half mexican and half lakota.
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