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December 6, 2012
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- Wakinyan Mahpiyatanhan - by Owlivia - Wakinyan Mahpiyatanhan - by Owlivia
We Thunder Beings have always liked you humans.
You prayed to us, you respected us. We blessed you through your dreams, shared our power to those worthy, and in this way, you became almost our relatives. We even donned your forms and mixed among you, keeping you safe from harm, keeping you honest and truthful.
But there were those who do not find you so favourable.

Long ago, Uŋktéȟi and her children filled the waters of the land. They called you humans lice, pests, weak creatures unworthy to be in their presence. They didn’t want you around.
So she overflowed her river, the little monsters doing the same with their streams and lakes, and a great flood spread over the land. Only a few of you people escaped the watery grave, climbing to the highest mountain where the waves still threatened to drag you into their depths.
There lived Wakiŋyaŋ Taŋka. He saw what had become of the world below, and it angered him. The humans might have been small and pitiful, but he knew they were put on earth for a reason. He spoke to his children:
We must save them from Uŋktéȟi!
So we fought. For years the earth trembled and the waters burst in mighty torrents, while the winds boomed with thunder. There was no night, for the lightening lit the night skies as the sun lights the day. We fought with claw and tooth and lightening, the monsters with the spikes at the tip of their tails and raging waters, Wakiŋyaŋ Taŋka grappling with the Great Uŋktéȟi while the thunder children fought the little water monsters.
Yet we could not match them in such close combat, and slowly but surely the monsters began to win.
But Wakiŋyaŋ Taŋka called to the little thunderbirds:
Our country is the air. Our power comes from the sky. It is unwise to fight the monsters on their own ground, on the earth and in the water where they thrive. Come, my children, follow me!
And he flew into the sky, where we were strong, and on his word, as one, we struck the ground below with lightening.
Flames burst from the earth, covering all below, save for the tops of the rocks upon which the humans took refuge. The waters boiled and the earth glowed red, the monsters and their mother succumbed to the flames. Only their bones remained as the flames died, and these soon turned to rock. We took the water power from them. The humans climbed down from their safe peaks, praising us for saving them, for bringing back the earth that Uŋktéȟi had taken from them.
In time these few again peopled the earth, and all was well.


Wakíŋyaŋ: The Mysterious Flyers, The Thunder Beings
Maȟpíyataŋhaŋ: From the Sky
One of the small Wakíŋyaŋ, who takes the form of a giant eagle. Old, wise and powerful, he loves humans but grows concerned over how they've changed their society and world. He values respect above all else, and anyone who doesn't show it to him will surely incur his wrath; and it's a fearsome one indeed, as he can summon storms, lightening and hurricanes.
He flew the plains long, long ago, but eventually married into a human tribe after one of the women nursed him back to health after he fell from the sky, who also gave him his name; From The Sky.
He is one of the smaller child thunderbirds, rather than the larger; these ones are never glimpsed by humans, surrounded by clouds, their voices are thunder and their eyes flash lightening.
One of the main purposes of the Wakinyan is to purify the world from all filthy things. They sweep it with wind, wash it with water, or burn it with lightning. They cause all that grows from the ground to flourish and grow leaves, flowers and fruits, and give nourishment to all things that breath. They enjoy the smell of cedar, and it is said that cedar trees are never struck by lightning. They control water in all its forms, which is why cedar is put on the first 7 rocks brought into a Lakota sweatlodge, in part to thank the Wakinyan for giving their blessing to the water that will be used.
They have the power to give or take life; they can destroy with winds, floods and droughts, or create through rains to nurture life. So they are feared as well as worshipped, though generally they are regarded as good spirits despite being intimidating and powerful; often they appear in dreams or vision quests, trying to frighten the quester to test if they are worthy of receiving their wisdom. They are helpful to humanity, though it doesn't stop them trying to scare people. If one is visted by a Thunderbird during their vision quest, they are said to become Heyókȟa, a sacred clown who is backwards-forwards, upside-down, or contrary in nature, and who are both feared and revered like the Thunderbird.
They stand for rain, and fire, and truth; if one swears on a peace pipe and either lies or later goes back on their word, the Thunder Beings will strike them down with lightening. They value all things clean and pure, hate liars and corruption, and most stories tell of them challenging a higher power that brings threat to the humans, such as Uŋktéȟi the great horned water serpent. Maȟpíyataŋhaŋ fought in this war and still bears a hatred for all things serpentine.
which is why he doesn't really like Jay, who saw snake in his vision quest

:bulletred: He doesn't have hair, only feathers; even the hair on his head is fine, elongated feathers.
:bulletred: His expression rarely changes from that of a glare, and his eyes have a shocking intensity behind them. It's hard to hold his gaze. also helps that he can shoot lightening from his eyes
:bulletred: His hair fades from white to brown, similar to his feathers in his bird form.
:bulletred: He is old and it shows; over his body he bears the scars of many battles, and his skin is weathered and wrinkled.
:bulletred: He often wears the feathered war bonnet instead of his feather coat, to denote his status as a warrior.
:bulletred: Any accessories he wears will usually relate to his holiness in some way, such as the beaded Thunderbird pattern.


Sort of a redraw of
this killed me
very lazy in some parts as I just wanted to get it done, those who came to the streams will probably notice how much I procrastinated finishing this off |D
very happy with the outcome despite the little bits I can already see are off, though as always crit is requested; I want to improve! c:

I worked in greyscale because I've been going back to basics to try and re-ground my work; in this way I was able to concentrate on form and shading without the distractions of colour. I also wanted to give the picture an antiquey feel, to show his age; I highlighted the eyes in colour to reflect their intensity.


Won Best in OC at :iconall-world-works: -…


Paint Tool SAI
Maȟpíyataŋhaŋ, Venom, concepts and art (c) :iconowlivia:
Commission Info:…

I don't want to watermark my work but I've seen it places I haven't said it can go, so the name's there sort of as a compromise to that
I don't have a problem with you posting my work on tumblr/fb etc just please: ask first. I won't bite, trust me c:
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Critique by Bri-Cx Jan 22, 2013, 4:44:03 PM
First I would like to say, FANTASTIC WORK! The eyes drew me in immediately!

The details are possibly the best part along with the eyes. I love the intricate work on his head piece. The feathers and the jewelry are very well done and I can tell that a lot of time and energy was put into this. I'm impressed with the hair especially, how you can see individual strands and how they all flow smoothly and naturally.

The only thing I really have a problem with is the skin. It seems kinda blurry in some areas. The wrinkles on his forehead came out very nicely though. And I know I mentioned it before, but THE EYES!! XD

Overall, excellent work. Keep it up!
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