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- pigs - by Owlivia - pigs - by Owlivia
Some concepty doodles of one of the other 'breeds' or 'families' of the Mortivael- the Metzgers.
Each breed is associated with a certain geographic location and has a leader situated there to manage the situations in that area; the more influencial families also have Elders that congregate in one place and make decisions for the entire Colony.
They all fall under the label 'vampire' and sort of banded together when the humans started posing a threat, even though they all have slightly different features and abilities.
The Metzger family are based on the Germanic nachzehrer or nachtzehrer, a bit of an odd vampire that practices self-cannibalism and can take the form of a pig: [link]
gotta love mythology :iconshaplz:
The breeds all nickname themselves after their forms if they have any, so the Metzgers are the Pigs, the Vadomas are the Bats, the Belododia are the Bears and I really need to get the concepts done for all these guys but oh my god there are too many families
I've hardly shared any concepting with you guys please forgive me OTL

Girlie on the left is Mitzi, guy on the right is Rudi; they're cousins, of the same generation as Najda and her siblings so hang around with them a lot, much to the Vadomas' dismay.
Rudi has more than a bit of a crush on Nadja
He tries to sneak in with Nadja's piggies sometimes but then gets dressed up and realises it isn't worth it |'D

He's kind of a jerk and spends most of his time either picking on others or looking for trouble to stir up, but he knows the people who he can and can't rely on to fight back; if someone doesn't respond to his name-calling and taunting, he'll get bored and leave them alone. It's mostly his brothers that he ends up fighting with, but he's very loyal to them and they often go out pulling pranks as a family. His tongue is pierced as a nod to the stake through the mouth method used to keep his kind in their coffins.
Mitzi is a lot quieter and keeps to herself, but that doesn't make her sweet or innocent; she'll sometimes pick a victim from the Colony and drain their lifeforce by nibbling away at herself, and she doesn't need a reason for it. She's easily bribed and often makes deals with humans to perform the ritual in exchange for favours or deeds, but usually ends up killing the one that asked for the deed anyway. She gets fed a lot obviously which is why she's a little pudgy butIcan'tdrawchubbyverywell :I
or pigs
or feet

They're not the most image-conscious family and are, well, pigs by nature, but they're so incredibly powerful that nobody dares mess with them- they can kill someone with almost a voodoo sort of magic, feasting on their own shrouds and flesh which in turn drains the affected life's force, or meeting their gaze, or just by casting their shadow across someone. They also have a nasty habit of ringing bells, causing death of any human who hears them; it's how they keep the Mortivael settlements free from intruders. They keep their weaknesses a secret, but simply placing a coin in their mouth will incapacitate them- they're also compulsed to untie any knots they see, which unfortunately is pretty well known throughout the colony, and a popular prank is to throw a net in front of the family members and let them waste hours untying all the knots.

Characters belong to :iconowlivia:

my scanner's only just started working today so I'll have remaining commissions up asap ;o;
mistersingh Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013
Very nice work:heart:
BatInAHat Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013
piddies' CX

My goodness chickie all the creativity in your brain it's a wonder it doesn't explode.
StrawberriOnTop Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

asdjfsf megusta

....mythology what are you even
uu love the concepts though asdjfsdf
tell me moooore
/fades into the distance

Rudi don't blame you for having a crush on Nadja though :trollface:
found that more amusing than I probably should

want to check out the myth now :'I
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